In this article, we will go over how to import a database into CaterZen.  Please note that a database can only be in an Excel or CSV file to import.  Also please note that you need to have all information separated out in the Excel sheet before you import.  This article will show an example of how the Excel sheet should look and how the Excel sheet should NOT look.  Please make sure to look at the bottom of this article for some helpful notes when importing your database.

Please take note that you can also add groups on your excel sheet.  When you are uploading the list, you can have a column that is assigned to the Groups you want to categorize your customers to.  In the excel sheet, you can have more than 1 Group assigned to the client as well.   If you have more than 1 Group assigned to contact, make sure the Group name is separated by a comma.  

Below is a screen shot of an example of spreadsheet with a column for Groups.

1. Click on the CRM tab and then click on the Import Contacts icon.

2. The next page will allow you to locate the Excel or CSV file that you want to upload to your CRM tab.  Click on the Choose File tab and find the file in your computer.   Once you have selected the file you will then click on the Match Spreadsheet Columns tab.

3. The next page will allow you to match the Columns in your Spreadsheet to the Columns in the CRM tab.

4.  Once the columns have been matched click on the Import Contacts Now tab.

5.  Once your spreadsheet has been imported you will see a notice letting you the number of contacts that were Imported - the number of contacts Updated - the number of contacts that were NOT Imported due to format errors.


~ You must have a first name listed for the record to import.

~ The address - city - state - zip cannot be in one column.   Each need to be in there own separate column.

~ You can only import 800 records at a time.  If you have more than 800 records, then you will need to put them in separate Excel or CSV files.

~  We recommend you only import a database that is complete.   If you are missing a good bit of your database information, it is not a good idea to import.

~ If you get a 508 time out screen after importing - DO NOT re-import.   Allow the system to finish importing the rest of your contacts.   You can continue to CaterZen while the system continues to import

~ Refresh your system after importing.


A good Excel or CSV file:

A bad Excel of CSV file: