In this article we will go over how to merge contacts in your database.  If you are collecting the customer/ prospect's email address (which we 100% encourage you to do) then you will not get duplicates of the same customer in your CRM tab.  The system will not allow you to save a record with an email address that is already in the database.   But if you did not collect the client's email address or if the client gave you a work email address with their first order and then a personal email address with their second order you can merge the 2 records together.

Below is an example of client's email address was not collected the first time they placed and order but was collected the second time.

1 - Click on the CRM tab - then click on the Merge Contacts icon.

2 - Once you click on the Merge Contact icon, a page will appear where you can select the 2 clients you want to merge together.

3 - First start typing in the name of the client in the first box.  A drop down box will appear filtering through the database and matching the name.  Click on the name.

4 - Then start typing in the second box with name of the client.   Make sure to remember which one you selected first and choose the other selection.

5 - When you have typed in both fields it will look like this.  And you can click on the Merge Customer tab.

6 - It will double check and make sure this is the action you want to perform.   Click on OK if you are sure.

7 -  You will see a notice letting you know the records have been Merged.

8 - Now when you search for the client only one record will appear.

You have now learned how to merge 2 client records into 1 client record.