This article will go over how to Assign Pricing Tiers to a specific location and how to assign pricing to tier account.  For accounts with multiple locations, "Pricing Tiers" allows you to have up to 5 different pricing levels of any menu item or modifier.  As opposed to changing the pricing for each location, you can assign a Price Tier to a store.   So when that specific Tier's pricing is changed, all affiliated locations get that price change.  

Here is a video on Tier Pricing

Here are step by step instructions on Tier Pricing

1 - Click the Admin tab

2 - Under the Menu section - click on the Manager Etc bubble

3 - Next click the Assign Pricing Tiers link

4 - From there you will see a list of all the Locations you have in your account

5 - You will then assign the Pricing Tier to the Location by clicking the bubble under the Tier.

6 - Then click the Save tab


7 - Once the location has been assigned a Pricing Tier you can assign or change pricing

8 - Click the Admin tab

9 - Under the Menu section - click on the Manager Etc bubble 

10 - Click the Menu Items link

11 - From there a page will appear with all your Menu Items.

12 - You can then assign or change the pricing for the menu item under the list of tiers

        *Note pricing will default to Tier 1 if not assigned otherwise

13 - Once the amount has been added the price you will need to click the Tab key to Save the changes.  

14 - To change Menu Item Add Ons

15 - Repeat steps 8 & 9

16 - Click the Menu Item Add Ons link

17 - Any additional pricing/ charges will appear from your Extras and Options.

18 - Repeat steps 12 & 13

You have now learned to how to work in the Pricing Tier feature.