This article will show you how to create a Item Inventory Level.  An Item Inventory Level will be used if you only have a specific number of a menu item that you can sell.    An example would be I have 5 Chocolate CheeseCakes to sell.  After all 5 are sold we are do not have any more left.   CaterZen will be able to keep up with the number of times that specific menu item is sold and it will not offer that item as available once all have been sold.

Here is a video that will show you how to turn on your Item Inventory Levels.

Here are step by step instructions on how to turn on your Item Inventory Levels.

1 - Click on the Admin tab

2 - Under the Menu section click on the Menu Manager bubble and Menu Manager link

3 - Then under the Menu and then Category locate your Menu Item that you want to turn on for an Inventory Level.

4 - Click the Menu Item and then click the Edit Item icon

5 - Next scroll down till you see the Limit Quantity Sold Each Day check box.   Check the box off

6 - Scroll down and click the Save tab

7 - Go back to the Admin Tab

8 - Under the Menu section click on the Item Inventory bubble and Menu Item Inventory link 

9 - The items that you have select to have a limited number sold will appear.

10 - Note this is by Location if you have multiple locations.  Make sure to set up for each location if you have multiple locations.

11 - Enter in the quantities that you can sell for each day of the week.   Click the tab key on your key board to move to the next cell and to save the quantity entered.

12 - Note that when you place an order (as an employee) the Quantity Left that can be sold will appear under that menu item based off the date of the order.

13 - Note that as an employee you can Ignore All Minimums (order value or quantity) and inventory.   Meaning if your setting is to only sell 15; you can override this setting to a higher number.   This only available for the employees when placing an order. 

14  - Note that on the Customer Side a note will appear letting the customer know what quantity is available for the menu item selected.  This message will show on the checkout page when the customer is placing the order.

You have now learned how to assign and create a Item Inventory Level.