This article will go over how to set up Menu Times for your menus.   This feature will allow you to have unique time rules for different menus.   

Example:  Holiday Menus that are only available during certain times of the year.   Or maybe you need to configure a cut off time of when a menu item can be ordered by.   

There are many different variables with this feature.  Your choices for this feature will revolve around: Order Types, Days of the Week, Order Times, or Order by a Specific Date or Time.   If you are unsure how to configure your Menu Time Rules then please feel free to schedule a session with either of the links below:

Here is a video that will show you how to configure your menu time rules:

Here are step by step instructions on how to configure your menu time rules:

1 - Click on the Admin tab

2 - Scroll to the Menu section - click on the Menu Time bubble and link

3 - Next a page with all your menus will appear

4 - Next click on the Edit This Menu Time icon for the menu that you want to create a Time Rule for.

5 - The next page will resemble the Menu Manager page that was created when your menu was first created.   *Note: the information will automatically populate from the information in the Menu Manager.   

Next we will go over the different fields that you will see on this page.   *Note there are many different ways to configure a Menu Time Rule.   If you need assistance setting these up please do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with a team using the links at the top of this article.   

6 - Enable this Menu for these Order Types:   this will allow you to choose what type of order this menu is available for.   You will check off the box  that the order type is allowed for.

7 - Show Menu On:   choose a date and time that you want the menu to appear to the customers.   So this does not mean the customers can place orders for this menu.   This is just when the menu is visible to the customer.

8 - Hide Menu On:   choose a date and time that you want the menu to be hidden to the customers on.   This means the menu will no longer appear in the menu drop down box to your customers.

9 - Menu Time:   this is the time frame that you will allow menu items from the menu to be ordered.       A - Starts/Ends At: this will allow you to choose a simple time frame of when the menu will be available to start at and when the menu will end at. 

10- Menu Time Advance Time Rules:  if you select the Advance Time rules then a new box will appear called Add Time Rules.   This will allow you to make more specific rules for your menu.  

*Note we will now go through several different options for a Time Rule

11 - Order Type:   choose the Order Type for the Menu from the drop down box.  The choices here will depend on the Order Types that you have selected in your Menu Manager.

12 - Days:  choose from Specific Dates or Days of the Week.  

       A - Specific Dates: then you will use the calendar below to configure the Start Date and End Date. 

       B - Days of the Week:   a new box will appear that will allow you to choose which days of the week the menu is available

13 - Times:   here you will choose from No Time, Start & End Time, Staggered, and Day Parts.

       A - No Time:  this means that there are no time frame ordering restrictions

       B - Start & End Time:   this means that you want to allow the customer to order starting at this time of the day and stop ordering at this time during the day.

       C - Staggered:   this will allow you to choose 3 different time frames to pick

       D - Day Parts:   this will allow you to choose from the Day Parts that you have configured (see       #14 (right below) on how to configure Day Parts) 

14 - Day Parts:   this will allow you to choose different time frames for during the day.   So you may have Morning Time Frame and then a Late Afternoon Time frame that you want to configure.  Be sure to click the Add button once you have configured your time frame.  You will want to give each Time Frame a Name, Start Time and End Time.   Note that Day Parts will automatically appear in any menu after created.  You do not need to create a Day Part for each menu.

15 - Order By:  here you will choose from Anytime, Minutes, Hours, Days, Specific Day & Time.

        A - Anytime:   this will allow the customer to place an order at anytime of the day

        B - Minutes:  this will require the customer to place the order X number of minutes for before hand.

        C - Hours:   this will require the customer to place the order X number of hours for before hand. 

        D - Days:  this will require the customer to place the order X number of days for before hand. 

        E - Specific Day & Time:   this will allow you to choose a specific date and time frame that the order has to be ordered by

15 - Please be sure after making any choices that you click on the Add This Rule button to save your choices. 

17 - Once you have saved your Add This Rule - then your rules that have been configured will appear.  

You have now learned how to configure your Menu Time Rules.