In this article we will go over how to create so unique option for cake menu items.   You can use the options for other types of menu items but they were designed for cakes.

Please note that this step will start after you have created the menu item for your cake.  If you need to learn how to create a menu item please see that article.

Here is a video:

1 - When creating your menu item you have the option for two settings.   Show Cake Image Upload field and Show Cake Message field.   If you want these fields to appear then you will need to check the boxes off.

2 - Show Cake Image Upload field will allow the customer to upload an image that they want to have appear on their cake.  For example:  a picture of the winning team

Customers View:

Once Uploaded:

3 - Show Cake Message field will allow the customer to type in a message that they want to have appear on their cake.   For example: Happy Birthday Mike!

Customer View:

Once Uploaded:

4 - The customer will have a chance to review during Checkout as well.

5 - Once the order has been submitted your Order Details page will show the Image and Message that the customer uploaded.

5 - If you need an option to appear under the Cake fields you can turn that setting on as well.   So for example the Message on the Cake you may want to allow the customer to choose the color of the message on the cake.  

6 - When you are creating your option you will want to check off Show under "Cake Options"