In this article we will be going over how to add an image next to an menu item.  We encourage you to upload images next to items for customers to have a visualize image.

Here is a video on how to add an image next to a menu item.

Here are step by step instructions on how to add an image next to a menu item.

1 - Click on the Admin tab

2 - Scroll down to the Menu section and click on the Menu Manager bubble and link

3 - On the right side click on the Items tab

4 - Find the Menu Item you want to upload the image for and click on the tab.

5 - Then click on the Item Images tab

6 - Next you will locate the image in your computer and then click the Upload Image tab

7 - Once your image has been uploaded it will appear to the Right of the box.

8 - If you use a different browser you can view the image under the customer view.

You have now learned how to upload an image for a menu item.