In this article we will be going over how to create an option for an option.   What is an Option for an Option.   Here is an example:    A customer has ordered the #2 Deluxe BBQ & Catfish Catering.   The customer  will get a side choice with their order.   There are 9 side choices and one is a Side Salad.  If the customer chooses the Side Salad then another drop down box will automatically appear for the Salad Dressing choices once selected.  If the customer does not choose the House Salad then the Salad Dressing choice will not be a drop down that the customer will need to select. 

Below is is a video on how to configure Option for an Option.


Below are the step by step instructions with screen shots on how to configure an Option for an Option.

1 - Click on the Admin tab - Menu Manager bubble and link.  Your menu will then load.

2 - Next choose the Menu - Category - and Locate the Menu Item you want to add the Option for an Option to.

3 - Next click on the Menu Item and the Options tab

4 - Then select the Option you want to add the sub option too.

5 - Once you select the Option you want to work with the choices for that option will appear.

6 - Click on the Choice that you want to add the Sub Option to and then click on the Sub Add-Ons tab

7 - Then go to the Right side of the page and click on the Options tab

8 - Locate the Sub-Option that you want to add on and click and drag it under the Sub Add-Ons section (see video for demonstration).

9 - Your Sub Add -On will now appear under the Option.