This article will go over how to create a permission based menu.   A permission based menu will only allow specific customers to access a certain menu.  This is a great feature to have Whole Sale Menus or specifically designed menus for certain types of customers.  This setting will allow specific clients to place orders online through your CaterZen account for specific menus but will keep the menu hidden from clients that do not have permission to access the menu.

Remember to give the customer access to the menu you will need to give them permission under the CRM tab.   Please see the article on how to give a customer permission to view a menu.

Here is a video on to make a permission based menu or create a permission based menu:

Here are step by step instructions on to make a permission based menu or create a permission based menu:

1 - Click on the Admin tab

2 - Scroll down to the Menu section and click on the Menu Manager bubble and link

3 - To CREATE a Permission Based Menu click on the Add Menu tab.

4 - A pop up box will appear.  You will fill out the information and remember to Check off the Permission Based Menu check box.  Do not forget to click Save This Information tab.

5 - Your new Permission Based Menu will now appear.   You will now need to add categories and menu items to your menu.

6 - To CHANGE an existing menu to Permission Based click on the Menu you want to change and then click on the Edit Menu tab.

7 - A pop up box will appear.  Look for the Permission Based Menu check box and check it off.   Then click the Save This Information tab.

8 - This menu will now only appear to customer's who have permission to see it.   Here is the article on how to give customers permission to see a Permission Based Menu: How To Give Customer's Permission To View A Permission Based Menu

You have now learned how to create or change a menu to Permission Based.