If you have recently made changes to your CaterZen account, you will want to push your changes through.   To do this, you will need to Clear the Cache.   This article will show you how.   Please note that sometimes the system will prompt you to clear the cache after you have made a change.  

Below is a video on how to clear the cache of your CaterZen account.

Below are step by step instructions on how to Clear the Cache in your CaterZen Account.

1 - Click on the Admin tab - look for the Menu section - then click on the Clear Cache bubble.

2 - The link to Clear the Cache will appear.

3 - Once you click the link then the Cache will be Cleared and you will see this notice at the top of your Admin page.

4 - Sometimes after making changes to your menu this Yellow Box will appear at the top of your CaterZen site asking you to Clear your Cache.   Click on the link that says CLICK HERE.

You have now Cleared your Cache with the changes you have made to your CaterZen account.   If the changes do not appear immediately please try these next steps:

1 - refresh your internet browser

2 - clear the cache for you internet

3 - wait 30 minutes for the changes to take affect

If you still have issues please turn in a support ticket.