This article will go over how to turn on your Open Menu Item and how create an Open Menu Item.   An Open Menu Item is a menu item that you are going to create on the fly.   It is a menu item that you do not typically serve but you have decided to serve this menu item for this customer.   This menu item will only appear for this order.

Below is a video that will show you how to turn on or off your Open Menu Item.

Below are step by step instructions on how to turn on your Open Menu item.

1 - Click on the Admin tab - then look for the Menu section - then click on the Open Menu Item bubble.

2 - Next you will see a green tab called Show "Open Menu Item" option on menu.   Please note that if we have uploaded your menu for you then your Open Menu Item has already been turned ON.  Once you click on the Show Open Menu Item then you will see an orange box letting you know your changes have been saved.  

3 - To turn OFF the Open Menu Item:  when you click on the Open Menu Item bubble you will see this instead.

4 - Once you click on the Hide "Open Menu Item" option on menu tab the open menu item will no longer appear under the order entry tab.

To create an Open Menu Item under the Order Entry tab follow these steps:

1 - Click on the Order Entry tab and fill out the top information.  Under the Item section type in the word Open Menu Item.  Open Menu Item will appear as a menu item choice.   

2 - Once you select Open Menu Item you will need to take the following steps:

A - You must give the open menu item a Item Name.   If you do not then the open menu item will not save.

B - Choose the Quantity

C - Give the item a Price

D - Press the Green + sign to save the item.

3 - The other options are not required but there if you need them.

E - If the item has a Service Fee you can add it here

F - If the item is NOT Taxable you can change here.  By default the item will be marked as taxable.

G - You have the option to choose a Sales Category for the item.

H - If you would like to add a Description of the item you can do so in the Special Instructions box.

I - If you need to change the Unit to Per Pound for example you can do so here.

Do Not forget to click the Green + sign.

4 - Here is an example

5 - Once you add your Open Menu Item you will want to refresh your internet browser and the Open Menu Item's Item Name will appear.

You have now learned how to turn on and off your Open Menu Item and how to create an Open Menu Item for an order.