In this article we will go over how to create Menu Items .   Please note the Menu and Categories (see article) must be created before you can create a new Menu Item.

Below is a video showing you how to Add A Menu Item.


Below are step by step instructions on how to create a new menu item.

1 - First click on the Admin tab - look for the Menu section - click on the Menu Manager bubble and then Menu Manager link.



2 - You will then see your Menus to the Left of the page and the Items tab to the Right of the page.

3 - Click on the Items tab and below will be a list of the existing menu items that we have created for you. 

4 - Next click on the Create New Item tab.

5 - A pop up box will appear allowing you to create the new menu item.

A - Display Name:  Give the menu item a name.

B - Description or HTML Editor:  Gives you the ability to use the HTML editor.  You can do this yourself or you can enter in the code.   Here you can describe what is included in the menu item as well as include a picture.

C - Minimum Preparation Time:  Create the minimum prep time that you need for the menu item.

D - Minimum Required to Order:  Set the minimum number required to order this item. OR

E - Minimum Required per Category:  Set the minimum number to required to order in the category.   So for example the customers to order at least 10 menu items for the dessert category.

F - Allow Partial Quantities:  If you would like for your customers to order partial quantities you will need to check this box off.   This will allow the customer to order 1.5lbs of pork barbecue for example.

G - Item Should Be (customer): If you don't want the customer to see the menu item you can hide it here.

H - Item Should Be (employee):  If you don't want the employees to see this menu item you can hide it here.

I - Sales Category:  Is the menu item taxable?  And what category does this menu item fall under.

J - Show Pizza Options for this Item:  If this is a Pizza menu item check off the bubble for 'yes'.

K - Show Cake Options:  Here is where you can show a cake image or include a cake message field for the customer to fill out. 

L - Show This Item Is For Field:  This will allow you to turn on your menu buddies option for only this item.  So if you just want Box Lunches to allow customers to add names to the menu item you can turn that on here.

M - Store Item Description:  This will allow you to turn on the setting to add a description to this menu item only.   

N - Limited Quantity Sold Each Day:  This setting will allow you to limit the number of quantities that you can sell for this item.

 0 - Item Price Order:  If you have multiple prices for this order you can choose to have them list from highest to lowest price or lowest to highest price.

P - Filters:  Are where you can check off dietary notifications for the menu item.  

Q - Service Fee:  If there is a service fee you want to add for this specific menu item you can add it here.

R - Other Extra Fee: If there is additional fee (other then the service fee) you can add it here.

S - Custom Delivery Fee:  If this menu item needs a special delivery fee you can add it here.

6 - The next section will be where to list the price.   Make sure to scroll down and find the menu that the menu item will appear under.   Please note the menu item CAN appear under more then one menu.   Give the Price A Name (per person - per order - etc) and then list the Price.

7 - Please do not forget to click Save after creating your new Menu Item.

8 - Your menu item has now been created.   Next you will need to add it to the menu and category.

9 - Leave the Items tab Open (orange).   Click on the Menu and then the Category you want the Menu Item to appear under.

10 - Next go over to the Menu Items (right side) and scroll till you see the menu item you created (listed in alphabetical order).

11 - You are going to Click on the Menu Item and drag it over to under the Category.  

Your Menu Item has now been added to your Menu and Category.