This article will go over how to add a Menu to your CaterZen account.

1 - First click on the Admin tab - look for the Menu section - click on the Menu Manager bubble and then Menu Manager link.

2 - Next you will see your existing menus that we uploaded for you when you first signed on to CaterZen to the left of the page.

3 - Click on the Add Menu tab.

4 - A pop up box will appear where you can add the new menu.

A - Give the menu a name

B - If the menu is only available during a specific time range fill in the starts and ends at section.

C - If the menu is only good for specific dates (like holidays) then fill in the activate and deactivate section.

D - Choose the location you want it to appear in.

E - If the menu is not for customers to see but ONLY employees click on the Hidden from Customers section.

F - If the menu is not something you will delivery click the Disallow Delivery section.

Remember to click Save after making creating your menu.

Your Holiday Menu will now appear.   Next you will need to add Categories (please the article on how to add categories) and Menu Items (please see article on how to add menu items) to complete your menu set up.