This article will go over how to add an Upsell Item to your online ordering site.   If an item(s) is ordered without a desired complimentary item, then the upsell module suggests adding it to the order before allowing the online ordering customer to complete their order. Please note that the upsell feature does not appear when logged in as employee.   It will only appear when the customer is logged in and placing an order.

Here is a video that will show you how to configure Upsell Items:

Here are step by step instructions with screen shots on how to configure Upsell Items:

1 - Click on the Admin tab

2 - Look for the Menu section then click on the Upsell Menu Item bubble.  Then click on the Configure Upsell Menu Items link.

3 - The first page will show the Menu Item that you are going to ASSIGN the Upsell Menu Item too.

4 - You will click on the Menu Item

5 - Then the next page that appears will show the Menu Items that you want to PROMOTE with the Menu Item that was selected.  You can select up to 3 Menu Items.  

6 - When you select the Menu Item you want to promote a Pop Up Box will appear.  Here you can add a description as well a discount.  Click Save after making changes.

7 - Once you select the item the Menu Items will appear in Yellow

You have now added an Upsell Menu Item to a Menu Item that the customer selected in their order.