This article will show you how to change menu prices for your menu items.

Here is a video that will show you step by step instructions on how to change menu prices for menu items.

Below are step by step instructions with screen shots on how to change menu prices for menu items.

1. To change prices on any menu item, you must go into the MENU MANAGER. Click on the ADMIN tab and then under the Menu section click on the MENU MANAGER bubble and then the MENU MANAGER link.

2. Choose the menu that contains the menu item you want to change the price for.

3. Once you select your catering menu, a list of all Categories will show up. Select the Category that contains the menu item.

4. Once you select the proper Category, a list of all Menu Items associated with that Category show up underneath. Select the Menu Item that you need to price change.

5. Once you select the proper Menu Item, you will see a blue button called EDIT ITEM. Click on this button to edit the menu item price.

6. You will then see a pop up box that will allow you to edit the Menu price. Scroll to the bottom and change the price in the appropriate box.

7. At the bottom of the pop up box you will find a button marked SAVE THIS INFORMATION. Click it to save your newly changed menu price.