As of Dec 2023 we have added the feature for Ticket Audit Log.   This will allow you to see all task that have been completed for a ticket (order).   Example:  when was the ticket created - when was a change made to a ticket - when was the ticket deleted, etc.

Below is a video of how to view your Ticket Audit Log

Below are step by step instructions on how to view your Ticket Audit Log

1 - Locate the ticket you are wanting to look up under the Overview tab and click on the link for the ticket

2 - Under the Order Details page - click on the dropdown box - then click on the Ticket Audit Log link

3 - The Ticket Audit Log page will appear

4 - You will be able to see everything that has been done on an ticket/order from start to finish

5 - It will show which employee completed the task as well

6 - Note that you can export this report to Excel or download as PDF as well.

You have now learned how to use your Ticket Audit Log feature.