This article will show you how to take orders in your Phone Center Ordering Tool.  The Phone Center Ordering Tool will allow a Call Center to take orders for multiple different Accounts and Locations.  No more logging in and out of multiple accounts and locations when taking orders. When a the Call Center receives a call to place an order, the following steps will be taken: - 

1) choose the Account 

2) enter in the information for the order (order type, date, time, zip code)

3) choose the location that are under that account

4) take the order   

5) return back to the Phone Order tab and take the next order

Below is a video that will show you the steps to take orders in your Phone Center Ordering Tool. .

Below are step by step instructions on how to take orders in your Phone Center Ordering Tool. 

1 - Go to: and log in.

2 - You will then be brought to the Dashboard tab (note that not every user will have access to steps 3-5)

3 - Next click on the Accounts tab

4 - You will then see a list of the Accounts that appear in your account

5 - If you click on the Manager tab for a specific location that will take you directly to that account.   This will allow you to have access to all functions in that account and it's location(s):  Calendar, CRM, Reports, etc.

How To Take An Order When A Call Comes In:

6 - Click on the Phone Orders tab

7 - Choose the Account you want to place the order for

8 - Choose the Order Type

9 - You will then select the Date for the order

10 - You will then select the Time for the order

11 -  You will then add the Zip Code for the order

12  - Then click the Search tab

12 - Then locate the location you want to place the order on the Order tab next to the location

13 - You will then place the order for the client.  To learn how to place an order under the Order Entry tab please see this article.

14 - Once you are done placing the order you will see the Order Details Page.   Click the Return To Enterprise Console tab at the top right of the page.    You will then return to the Phone Orders page under the Enterprise Console page. 

15 - When you are ready to place the next order for the next call be sure to click the RED Reset tab to clear out the old settings. 

You have now learned how to place an order using our Phone Center Ordering Tool.