When the CC settings is “authorize card when order is created and manually process the payment”.

A payment has 2 steps  – “authorization” and “capture”. The “process the payment” in the setting is the same as the “capture” step. 

“Authorization” places a hold on the funds on the customer’s CC, while the “capture” step is what actually charges the card and initiates the transfer of funds.

If you have chosen to manually process the card when an order is created, CaterZen will send the card to be Authorized, then the restaurant will need to manually capture the payment.


Please note there are limits on how long the “hold” can stay on the card.

With Authorize.net it is 30 days

In Braintree has a chart based on card type, etc: https://developer.paypal.com/braintree/docs/reference/general/statuses#authorization-expired 


So if the restaurant is not “capturing” the charge within that time, it will expire. Once you click the “View transaction details” on CaterZen's side and we check the status and see it is expired, we mark that payment as voided since it is no longer a valid charge the we can capture/refund/etc.


To prevent this from happening the restaurant either needs to capture their payments within the correct time frame (7 or 30 days) after the order is created, or change their CC settings on our side to auto-capture, or use the day of/after setting.