This article will go over how to create all the different type of delivery zones.  This will allow you to charge different fees for specific areas.   Note the delivery zones can be applied to specific store locations and menus.

Below is a video that will show you how to create your delivery zone.

Below are step by step instructions on how to create your delivery zone.

1 - Click the Admin tab

2 - Scroll down to the Global Settings section - click on the Delivery Zones bubble - then the Delivery Zone link

3 - Your Delivery Zone page will appear.  First decide if you have a Minimum Delivery Charge

4 - Next if the Delivery Fee falls under different ranges choose if you want the higher fee to apply or the lower fee.

5 - Click the Save button.

6 - Note that this feature works off of different Locations and Menus in your account.   Meaning you can set different rules for different locations and menus.

7 - Next you will create a new Delivery Zone.  

8 - Click the Drawing Tool icon

9 - Click inside the Map where you want the Delivery Zone to start.   You will see a line that will be drawn.  You can move this to any angle or side with your mouse.   Click inside the map at each point of the zone.  Click on the map where you want the Delivery Zone to End.   The shape that you created with the Zone will turn to a color. NOTE: You zoom in on the map to draw your lines down to the street level for very tight delivery zones.    Note:The shape that you created with the Zone will turn to a color.


10 - That will be Zone 1.  You will repeat these steps for each Zone you want to create.   You are not limited on the number of zones.   Each time you create a zone it will be assigned a number and different color.

11 - Once you done creating your zones, go back up to the top of the page and you will see all the zones you created.  You will need to Name each Zone.  

12 - Note the color of the zone will appear to the side but you can change the color if you choose.

13 - Next you will want to create the Delivery Zone Fee

14 - Fee Name: Give the Delivery Zone Fee a name

15 - Minimum Order Subtotal:  If there is a minimum amount to spend for the delivery you will add that amount

16 - Fee Is: choose if the Delivery Charge is Fixed (same amount all the time) or Variable (if the amount depends on order dollar amount range).

Example of a Variable Fee Charge:

17 - Delivery Charge:  The amount of Delivery Charge - note you can do the charge as $ amount or a % amount.   Be sure to add the symbol when entering the amount.

18 - Restaurant Location:  If you have more then one location you can choose the location this applies too

19 - For Menus:   Check off all the menus this Delivery Zone and Fee apply too.  Note the menu choice box will appear once the locations has been selected.

20 - Click the Save Criteria tab.  

Example of a completed Delivery Fee:

21 - Once you are done the changes you made will apply to the map.

22 - Under the Customer View here is what the customer will be able to choose and see

23 - Once the customer clicks on the Delivery Address or creates a new Delivery Address - the Delivery Charge will appear

24 - The customer can also View Our Delivery Area.  Click the tab and the Delivery Zone Map will appear.

25 - Employee View 

If you are needing to figure out a radius to help with your map here is tool that we use to help our clients.

This is a mile radius tool that I use when helping people with their delivery zones. 

You can enter the address, and set the mile radius you want and it will show you a radius on the map.