In this article we will go over how to fix a duplicate prep item.  The software will not recognize that a prep item is spelled the exact the same so it will allow you to add the prep item multiple times.   If the same prep item is in there multiple times then the totals for reports will not be accurate.  Below are the steps on how to determine which duplicate Prep Item to delete. 

Below is a video that will show you have to determine which duplicate Prep Item to delete.

Below are step by step instructions on how to determine which duplicate Prep Item to delete. 

1 - Click the Admin tab

2 - Scroll to the Menu section - click the Menu Manager bubble - then the Menu Manager link

3 - Your  menu will load.  On the right side of the page click the Prep Items tab

4 - Scroll to find the duplicate Prep Item

5 - Click on one of the duplicate Prep Items name and then click on the Edit tab

6 - Under the Display name add a word like Test in front one of the Prep Item.  Any word is fine that will allow you to see the difference in the duplicate Prep Item.

7 - Scroll down and click Save.

8 - Then when you are pulling Kitchen Production Reports or Food Prep Item Reports you will then be able to see if the duplicate Prep Item has been chosen.  Here is an example below.  Then you will need to determine which Prep Item you want to keep and adjust the formulas with the correct prep item.

You have now learned how to identify a duplicate prep item.