In this article we will go over how to create an Electronic Contract to send to your prospects when a quote is placed.   Note the contract can not be sent for orders, only for quotes.

Here is a video on how to create an Electronic Contract.

Here are step by step instructions on how to create an Electronic Contract.

1 - Click on the Admin tab and scroll down to the Global Settings section.

2 - Click on the Quotes & Contracts bubble and then the Manage your Contracts link

3 - If any existing contracts have been created then they will appear.  You will look for the Create New Contract tab.

4 - The next page will be where you create your contract.

5 - Next you will need to fill out the first 3 questions:

    A - Name the Catering Contract - this the name that will appear when you are selecting which contract to send with the quote

    B - Is this your DEFAULT Catering Contract - you can select one contract to be default contract to send

   C - Signature Required by Caterer to be Considered Executed Contract? - do you want your prospect who is receiving the contract to sign the contract

6 - Next you will create your contract.   Note we do not have a template for the contracts.  Note the icons at the top to help create your contract.   To find out what an icon is for you can hoover over the icon and the name of the icon will appear.

7 - One Icon we want to show is the Mail Merge icon.  


8 - When you click on the Mail Merge icon, a pop up box will appear that will allow you to select fields to be entered into the contract.   Then when the contract is sent the fields will automatically appear in the contract with the correct information for the field.   

9 - To add the Mail Merge Field you will click on the field in the pop up box and then click in the contract where you want it to appear.   Please watch video above for further explanation.

10 - Once you are done creating the contract click on the Save This Information tab.  

11 - Your contract will now appear as an existing contract.   Note you can Preview, Clone, Edit or Delete the contract as well.

You have now learned how to create an Electronic Contract.