If you are interested in using a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Daily Sales Journal Report by location we can turn that on for you.   You will first need to send an email to Support@RCSMailBox.com and asked to have it turned on.   Once we have turned on the feature for you, you will then need to enter in some information.   Below are those steps.

1 - Click on the Admin tab - under the Global Settings section - click on the FTP bubble.

2 - Then you will need to enter in the information requested.  Click Save Changes tab when done.

3 - Once the FTP details are entered, the system will generate the .xls formatted sales report at 1:15AM Pacific for the previous day and upload it to your FTP server. The files are names YYYYMMDD_XXXX.xls where XXXX is the location ID. So an example file name would be 20180615_2738.xls.