In this article we will go over how to use a BEO Template with an order.  Everything is editable in the template. Once you having chosen which template you want to use for a specific order, you can the pre-written information. So if Meredith Dillard is customer, you can edit it to read: Meredith & Matt Dillard.

Here is a video that will show you how to take and order and then apply the BEO template to the order as well.

Here are the step by step instructions on how to apply a BEO to an order.

1 - Once your order has been placed under the Order Details Page and the Choose A Function Box you can select the BEO report.

3 - Then you will choose which BEO template you need for this order.

4 - Your BEO will be pre-filled out according to the order that you placed. Some things will need to be filled out still. Note that anything can be overridden or deleted out if needed.

5 - Some of the Sections will be pre-filled with the information from your order.  Client Info, Event Info, Venue/ Location Info, Food & Beverages, Pull Sheets, Rentals.   Note that if something is not filled out (for example the mobile number) you can add that into the BEO. 

6 - If you need to override something you can do that as well.  

7 - Some Sections will still need to be filled out.  Time Line, General Notes, Staffing, Extra Section, Signature, Pictures.

8 - If you are not using a Section you can delete it out.

9 - Once you are done with all additions/ changes make sure click Save at the bottom of your BEO template.

10 - Note that you can add a Section if needed and revert the Template back to the original format as well.

11 - You can print your BEO from the BEO template page.   It will Download as a PDF file and then you can open and Print.  Or you can choose to have your report Emailed.

12 - Or you can go to the Overview tab and click on the Print All BEO Reports tab.  It will Download as a PDF file and you can then open and Print

You have now learned how to apply the BEO template to an actual order.

Note there is a video that will show you how to take and order and then apply the BEO template to the order as well.

How To Use A BEO With An Order