In this article we will go over how to create custom payment options.   This will allow you to create an option for payment that CaterZen may not have in your software.

1 - Click on the Admin tab and scroll down to the Restaurant Location section and click on the Location bubble you want to work under.

2 - Once you click on the bubble look for the Payment Options link.

3 - Once you click on the link yo will see a tab called Manage Custom Payment Types.  Click on this link.

4 - You will then see any Existing Custom Payment Types you have created and a tab to Add New Payment Type.  To add a new payment type click on the Add New Payment Type tab.

5 - A box will appear where you can fill out the information.

6 - Once you are done filling out the information click the Save Changes tab.  Make sure to read through the choices of the 3 different options when creating your payment type.

7 - Under the Order Entry tab the new payment option will now appear.

8 - Note the new payment type will also appear under the Invoices link when selecting a payment type.

You have now learned how to create a custom payment option.