In this article we will go over how to create custom payment options.   This will allow you to create an option for payment that CaterZen may not have in your software.

1 - Click on the Admin tab and scroll down to the Restaurant Location section and click on the Location bubble you want to work under.

2 - Once you click on the bubble look for the Payment Options link.

3 - Once you click on the link yo will see a tab called Manage Custom Payment Types.  Click on this link.

4 - You will then see any Existing Custom Payment Types you have created and a tab to Add New Payment Type.  To add a new payment type click on the Add New Payment Type tab.

5 - A box will appear where you can fill out the information.

6 - Once you are done filling out the information click the Save Changes tab.  Make sure to read through the choices of the 3 different options when creating your payment type.

Note that you can require the customer to fill out the account number or card number.   If this box is checked and the customer does not fill in the information then the system will bring up an error message.

Also note that if you do choose this option you will need to fill out the Label for the field so that the customer will know what is required of them to fill out.

7 - Under the Order Entry tab the new payment option will now appear.

8 - Note the new payment type will also appear under the Invoices link when selecting a payment type.

You have now learned how to create a custom payment option.