This article will go over how to modify on your quote cover sheet.   The quote cover sheet will appear before the quote that you have created for your client.

Please note:  This is only for our Marketing Pro Plus accounts.

Please note:  That our marketing team will create a custom template for your quote cover sheet.   This will be automatically turned on and created for you when you sign up for CaterZen.  

If you would like to make Graphic changes to your quote cover sheet please schedule a time using this link: 

1 - Click on the Admin Tab

2 - Scroll down to the Global Settings section and click on the Quotes bubble and then the Manage Your Quote Cover Sheet link.

3 - The next page will show the Custom Proposal quote cover sheet that we have created for you.

4 - Click on the Edit icon under the Action column

5 - Your Custom Quote Cover Sheet will now appear.  You can make any changes that you need.  If you need help with graphic changes you can schedule a session here:

6 - Once you are done with all your changes please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save This Information tab.

You have now learned how to modify your Custom Quote Cover Sheet for the Upgraded Quote Cover Sheet accounts.