In this article, we will go over how to work specific functions with the activities that you created for your client in their CRM record.  Remember, activities by default appear in blue on your calendar.  The activities that can be assigned to specific customers are:  To Do's, Phone Calls, Mailing a Package, Meetings, and Events.

Please note that these steps are for after you have created the activity.

1 - Click on the CRM tab and Search for the Customer you are wanting to work with.  Then click on the Customer Name link.

2 - Next click on the appropriate Activity icon that you are wanting to work with.

3 - Once you click on the Activity (this example, we clicked on the Phone call icon) you will see a list of all the activities that have been created under the icon for the client.

4 - Look for the activity that you are wanting to work with.  To the right, you will see an Action column.   Under the action column, you will see 4 icons:  Still to do or Completed - View Notes - Edit - Delete

Still To Do and Completed:   If the activity has not been completed then the Still To Do icon will appear.   If the activity has been completed then the Completed icon will appear.  To complete an activity you will just need to click on the Still To Do Icon - then you can add a note or view existing notes.   Once you save, the activity will be marked as completed.

View Notes:   When you click on this icon you can add any notes you need to add for your activity.   All notes will appear at the bottom of the pop up box.

Edit:  To change your activity use the Edit icon.   This will bring up the same box you used to create your activity.  You can make changes and save.

Delete:   If you want to delete the activity you will use the Delete icon.   A pop up box will appear making sure this is what you intended to do.

You have now learned how to add a Note - Complete - Edit - or Delete and activity you have created in the customer's CRM record.