In this article we will go over how to upload a document to a CRM record.   For example if the client's company is tax exempt you might want to upload the tax exempt form to keep on record.

1 - Click on the CRM tab -then search for the Client and then click on the Client's Name link.

2 - Click on the Documents icon.  Below you will see the section for uploading a document.

3 - To upload you will click on the Choose File tab

4 - You will then select the file you want to upload from your computer (this part may be different with different computers or web browsers) 

5 - Once the file name appears you can then click the Upload Document tab

6 - Your file will then appear in the list of documents

7 - To View your upload by clicking on the File link and then the file will download to your computer.  You can delete the upload as well under the Action column using the Delete icon

You have now learned how to upload a file to a CRM record to store under the CRM record.