As our software has the ability to allow an unlimited number of catering delivery addresses for a catering customer, there are times you will want to see what was delivered to a particular delivery address; like a pharm rep may want to see what was last delivered to a certain doctor. This article will go over how to look up these types of orders.

1 - Click on the CRM tab - look up the Customer's Name - click on the Customer's Name.

2 - Then click on the Delivery Address icon and all the Delivery Addresses you have delivered to for this customer will appear.

3 - Look for the correct delivery address and then click on then click on the Address link.

4 - A pop up box will appear with all the Orders that you have delivered for this address.

5 - Note you can Print - Download - Open in Excel - Email the list.

6 - You can also see the Order by clicking on the Click Here To View More Details link.

7 - The Order Details Page for the order will appear.

You have now looked any order that a customer has had delivered to a specific address.