This article will go over how to delete a contact.  Please note that once deleted, the contact will remain in the Deleted Contacts icon for a month.  After a month, the Deleted Contact icon will be cleared out and the contact can not be restored.

1 - Click on the CRM tab and Search for your client.

2 - Once you find the client you want to Delete, click the Check Box next to the client's name on the left side.

3 - When you check this box off the drop down box will appear called Bulk Actions.   This will allow you to Delete the contact.

4 - Click the Bulk Actions drop down box and select Delete

5 - Select Delete and then press Go.

6 -  A Pop Up Box will appear double checking to make sure this is what you intended to do.

7 - You contact will then be deleted.

You have now successfully deleted a contact.  To restore a contact please see the article for Recently Imported and Deleted Contacts.