This article will go over how to look up the activities you have created using the activity icons under the task list.   Please note that activities will appear in Blue (by default) on your calendar but using the Task List icon will allow you to view the activities as one list, filter by employee, filter by task and filter by date.

If you do not know how to create an activity please see the article for activities.

1 - Click on the CRM tab and then the Task List icon.

2 - All of your task will appear.  At the top you will see 2 drop down boxes and a date range that you can select to view specific task - specific employees - or a specific date range.

3 - You can search by Activity/ Task.

4 - You can search by who the activity is Assigned to.

5 - You can search by a specific Date Range.

6 - Once you are done selecting the type of task - who the task is assigned to - and the date range click on the Apply Date Filter tab.  Results will show below.

You have now learned how to look up the activities you have scheduled under the task list icon.