This article will go over how to look at your entire database in the CRM tab.

1 - First click on the CRM tab.  By default, your database will appear with a total of 10 records showing.   If you have already been in your CRM tab and have been under a different icon you can always click on the Contact List icon to get back to your list.

2 - At the bottom of the CRM page, you can change from page to page to view contacts.  You can also jump to the back or front of your list by clicking the double << or >> icons.

3 - You can also change the number of records that appear in your CRM.  You can use the drop down box to view 10 - 25 - 50 - 100 - 250 records on the page.

You have now learned how to change the pages and number of records in your CRM tab.