In this article we will go over how to convert a quote into an order.

1 - First click on the Calendar tab and then click on the Quote you want to view.

2 - Next click on the Click Here To View More Details link.

3 - Then your quote will appear.   At the top you will see a Drop Down box.

4 - These are the options that will appear when clicking on the quote.  Click on the Convert This Quote To An Order


5 - You will then see the Order Entry tab where you can still make any necessary changes to the quote if needed.   Note there will be a box at the top of your page letting you know that the quote has now been placed into your checkout cart.

6 - Once you are done with any changes that were needed you can then click on the Place Your Order tab.   (Note if you still need to keep this as a quote you have the option too).

7 - If you have your Anniversary reminder turned on then you the pop up box reminding you to schedule a call back will appear.

8 - You will know your quote has been converted to an order when you see your Order Details Page with the Order Id Number.

You have now successfully converted a quote into an order.