In this article we will go over the 4 links to that are found under the quote function drop down box.

1 - First click on the Calendar tab and then click on the Quote you want to view.

2 - Next click on the Click Here To View More Details link.

3 - Then your quote will appear.   At the top you will see a Drop Down box.

4 - These are the options that will appear when clicking on the quote.

5 - Show Sending Options For this Quote.


Will bring up a pop up box with 5 different choices of options to perform with this quote.

     A - you can download the quote as a PDF to give to the client

     B - you can view the quote online in a HTML format

     C - you can type in the customer fax number and have the quote faxed to them (remember there is a charge of .10 per page to fax)

     D - you can send the quote as an email to the customer

     E - you can convert this quote into an order

6 - Edit This Quote

If you need to make changes to the original quote then you will click on Edit Quote.   To learn more about editing a quote please see the article about Quote Editing.

7 - Place Quote Again

You would choose Place Quote Again if you wanted to keep the original quote but maybe change some menu items in the second quote.   This way the customer can compare one quote to another quote.   Or if they need the same quote a year later you can place the quote again but change the date and time.

8 - Convert This Quote To An Order

You will choose this option when the customer has decided that they do want to place the order.   To learn more about how to change a quote into an order please see the article on How To Change A Quote Into An Order.

These are all the links that you will find under the Quote Function Drop Down Box.