In this article we go over the how to add an Event Type to your Order Entry tab.


1 - First click on the Admin tab, next look for the Global Settings section then click on the Order Entry Settings bubble.


2 - Once you click on the Order Entry Settings bubble these links will appear.

*Please note there is an article for each link

3 - Next click on the Event Types link.

4 - The next screen that will appear will show the built in event types and will allow you to create your own event type.  If creating your own event type please type the event type in the Display Name field and click on Save This Information.

You can also delete out your custom event type by clicking on the Delete Icon next to the custom event type.

Also note you can look to see if an event type is custom or built in under the Type column. Please note you can NOT delete out built in event types.

You have now added a custom event type found under the order entry tab.