This article will go over how to change the settings for your Accounting tab.   The settings that are affected by this bubble are the settings for creating the invoice.

1. To review your invoice settings click on the Admin tab and then Accounting Settings bubble.   A screen will appear with your default settings.

Here is an explanation of each setting....

2 - Automatically create an invoice whenever an order is created. (default to yes)  Once an order has been placed then CaterZen will automatically create an invoice for the order under the Accounting tab.

3 - Automatically send invoices for order paid with House Account.  (default to no)  If you have your house account payment option turned on, you can now have an invoice automatically emailed to your client.   You can choose if you want the invoice to be emailed the day of the order or the day after the order, what time you want the invoice to be emailed and you can customize the email message.

4 - Get an end of day summary for Refunds. (default to no)

5 - Never automatically create payments for an order at checkout unless the order was paid with a credit card and authorized by a payment processor. (default to yes) You can tell the system to assume that all credit cards have been paid or you can tell the system to wait till you add the payment for credit card.   If you want the system to assume that credit card has gone through then uncheck the yes box.   If you want to apply the payment to the order for the credit card then check off the yes box.

6 - When creating a new invoice, use the underlying order ID as the invoice ID.  (default to yes)  If you want the Order Id number to match the Invoice number then check yes.

OR - please note that 6 and 7 is an OR question.  You can not have both checked off

7 - When creating a new invoice, use sequential numbers to generate the Invoice ID. (default to yes)  If you want your Invoice numbers and Order Id number to go in sequential numbers then check yes.  (please note you will not be able to check the next box (#6) if you have this one checked (#5))

8 - When creating a new invoice, use the serve date of the underlying order for the invoice date.  (default to no)  If you want to use the serve date of the order for the invoice date instead of the creation date then check yes.  (please note you will not be able to check this box (#6) if you have the one above checked (#5))

9 - When creating a new invoice, put the payment type of the underlying order into the "invoice notes" field.  (default to yes)  If you want the payment type that customer plans to pay with to show on the invoice then check yes.

10 - To add a customer message to your invoice that will appear on all invoices please add here.   If you want to add a Terms & Agreement to always show on your invoice you can do so here.  Note that you can change the information while in the invoice as well if it needs to be customize.  Please remember to check the YES check box for the message to appear.