Under the Online Order settings you will find several links.   Most of these links are used by are team here at CaterZen when we first create your account under your home page that the customer sees.   

If you need any help with changing any design work for your software please schedule a time to review and go over the changes needed.  You can schedule that with Jillian by clicking this link:  www.BookTimeWithJillian.com  Or you can send your change request to Michelle@CaterZen.com..

If you feel comfortable with making the changes yourself we do have some additional information below.

Below is a video that will show you how to navigate through the Online Ordering Interface Welcome page.

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Below is some additional information on how to navigate on making changes/ choices on the Online Ordering Interface Welcome page.

1 - Show "Find Restaurant" widget on home page when there are multiple locations:  If you have multiple locations in your CaterZen account then you will want to check this box off.   This will allow your customer to choose which location they want to order from.

2 - Homepage Layout:  Under this section you will see a blue tab called Add Section.  Under this section you can add the following things:  

    A - Custom Text - The custom text line is designed to be placed above your Lead Generation form.   This will allow you to give a description of what your lead generation form is requesting information for. 


    B - Custom Title - The Custom Title line is designed to go above the custom text line and the Lead Generation form.   This will allow you to title the Lead Generation form that your customers are filling out.  For example you may call it:  Catering Inquiry Form.


    C - Custom HTML - This is where you can use the WYSIWYG create a custom HTML.   Our CaterZen team is happy to add one picture with a paragraph of information.   If you are wanting a more ingratiate design we highly encourage you to use a professional designer.   Note your design can be half page or full page.  Note you are not limited with the number of HTML you can add to your welcome page.


    D - Locations - If you have multiple locations you can add this section to show the different locations in your account.   If you do not have multiple locations you can delete this section out by using the Red X icon found in the top right corner of the section.  We encourage you to have this section at the bottom of your page.


    E - Popular Items - Here you can list out your 4 most popular items with prices.  We encourage you to have this section at the bottom of your page.


    F - Blank Space - Here you can add a blank space to your welcome page.   This will allow you or your designed to line sections up on the page to the layout is pleasing to the eye.  Note you can make the space Full Page Width or Half Page Width.  Also note you will need to add the height of the blank space when creating. 


    G - Forms - If you are using our Lead Generation forms in CaterZen here is where you can insert your Lead Generations forms.   To learn more about our Lead Generation Forms or how to create one you can see this article:  Custom Lead Forms  Note your Lead Generation form can be customized.

If you have multiple forms you will see a drop down box that looks like this:

Once you select the form then it will appear in the welcome page section.

Please note that by default some of these options will already appear.   You can delete out any of the options by click the Red X found at the top right of each option.   Note that if you delete you can add the option back in by using the Add Section tab.

Please note that any section can be Rearranged by clicking on the section and dragging and dropping it, into a new area on the page.  *see video above for example on this