This article will go over how to create a Service Fee.   Please note this Service Fee will appear on ALL orders.   This You can manually override the Service Fee while taking the order if needed.  

Below is a video that will show you how to set up a Service Fee for an order:


Below are step by step instructions on how to set up a Service Fee for an order:

1 - Click on the Admin tab - look for the Restaurant Locations sections - and click on the bubble for the Location that you want to work with.


2 - Next click on the Service Fee link.

3 - The next box that will appear will allow you to configure your Service Fee.

4 - Please note the service fee can be a percentage ( % ) or a dollar amount ($).   If you want to call it something other then a service fee you can customize the name.  If you need tax to be applied to the service fee please check the Yes box.   Make sure to click Save once you are done.

5 - To manually override the service fee while taking an order please watch this video (no sound):    Make sure to press ENTER on your keyboard to save the changes.

You have now configured a service fee to appear on all orders.