This article will go over how to turn on delivery charge.   We have 3 options for setting up your delivery charge:  Flat Fee, By Mileage, By Zip Code.  You can override a delivery fee at any time under the Order Entry tab.

1.  Click on the ADMIN tab

2. Next look for the Restaurant Locations section and click on the bubble for your location (ie. Corky's Nashville).

3. When you click on the bubble several links will appear.   Look for the Delivery Charges link.

4.  The delivery charge screen will appear.

5.  First 2 Sections

      A - Minimum Order Subtotal for Delivery Orders.   This will require the customer to spend X number of dollars before a delivery can be placed.

      B - Minimum Order Subtotal for Pick-up and Dine-In Orders.   This will require the customer to spend X number of dollars before a pick-up or dine-in order can be placed.

6.  Flat Rate Delivery Fee - option 1

      You can add a flat rate delivery fee to your orders.   So if a delivery order is placed the same fee will appear each time for every order.   Remember this fee can be changed (please see How Do I Change My Delivery Fee solution for help on this).

  A - Click on the Edit Fees link

  B - Add your delivery fee in.  You can enter a $ or % amount.  Then click Save.

  C - Your flat rate delivery fee will now show.

7.  Deliver Fee by Mileage - option 2

      You can create zones that will allow you to charge a delivery fee depending on how far away the customer is located.  *Please note that the mileage is calculated by "as the crow flies".   So you will want to consider this when creating your mileage zones.

  A - Click on Add Zone link

  B - First type in your first mileage range.  0 to            miles.   Then click Add Zone.

  C - Next click on Edit Fees link.


D - The screen will allow you to add in the $ or % amount for the fee.  Then click Save.

  E - Once you have added in all the ranges you can tell the system that if there is an order that is past X number of miles you want to charge a fee.  Click on the Greater than X miles Edit Fees link.

  F - Then add the in the $ or % amount and Save.

8. Delivery Charge by Zip Code - Option 3

   You can create the delivery charge by zip code as well.

 A - To add a charge by zip code find the postal code section and click on the Add Zone link.

B - You will then see a box to type in the zip code and click on Add Zone to save.

C - Once you add the zip code you will then need to be able to click on the Edit Fees link to add the charge.

D - Type in the $ or % of the charge in and click on Save Criteria.

E - You can have as many zip codes in that you need.

9 - If you have more then one type of delivery charge.   For example you want to use the zip charges and the mileage charge; you have the system choose to either the higher or the lower charge.

10 - If you need to at least charge a minimum amount for a delivery you can add that under the Minimum Delivery Charge box and save.

11 - If you need to have tax added your delivery fee make sure to check this box off and save.

12 - If you need to have mileage restrictions you can add those by entering in Zip Codes or only delivery within this radius.  Make sure to check off the Enforce Delivery Zones.

13 - Always remember to hit SAVE after any changes.

If you have any other questions please feel free to submit a support ticket.