This article will go over how to create Order Time Rules. Order time rules will allow to set restrictions on how many orders you can take with in a certain time period.    This way you will not receive too many orders during a certain time range.  

For example: if you can only get 10 orders out in a 30 minute time period then you can set this rule.  The rules can be set for Dine-In and Pick up and then for Delivery.


1 - Click on the Admin tab - look for the Restaurant Locations sections - and click on the bubble for the Location that you want to work with.


2 - Next click on the Order Time Rules link.

3 - The next box that appears is where you can configure the Order Time Rules.

4 - Please note there are two sections.  1 for Pick-Up and Dine-In and the 2nd for Delivery.

5 - Please remember to click Save after making any changes.

You have now configured your Order Time Rules.