This article will go over how to turn on or change your Payment Types.   


1 - Click on the Admin tab - look for the Restaurant Locations sections - and click on the bubble for the Location that you want to work with.


2 - Next click on the Payment Options link.

3 - The payment box will appear with the different types of Payment Options.  

NOTE: You can also create Custom Payment Types. Please see this help article on how -

Pay at Pickup/ Delivery - if the customer was paying by Cash or Check once the order has been picked up or delivered.

Pay by Credit Card - CaterZen will store the customer's credit card.  The last 4 digits will appear on the order.   Only employees with permission to access full credit cards and have the password will be able to access the customer's full credit card.   Please remember we do NOT run the credit cards for you unless you have signed up with one of the gateways we are linked with.

Make sure to check off the types of credit cards that you accept below the payment types

Pay by House Account - this will allow the customer to pay on a date after the order has passed.   Only customers who have been marked off in the CRM to have permission to pay by House Account will have this option show as a payment type.

Pay with System Credit - if you offer gift cards then you can have this option appear as a form of payment

Pay with Loyalty Points - if you have turned on our Loyalty Program and you want the customer to pay by points instead of a loyalty certificate 

Pay with Loyalty Certificate - if you have turned on our Loyalty Program and the customer has received a certificate in the mail you will need this option turned on so you can type in the certificate number

Pay with Credit Card not in System (restaurant use only) - if you DO NOT want CaterZen to store the customer's credit card but you want the order to show that the customer is paying by credit card this is the option.   Please note this option ONLY appears to CaterZen employees - the customer will NOT see this option even if turned on.

Don't forget to click Save after making any changes.

You have now turned on your Payment Types.