This article will go over how to create your catering delivery hours of operation.   Note these hours are different from your restaurant's hours of operation.  Remember, as an employee you can always override these hours by clicking the Ignore Time Warnings check box in the Order Entry tab.    If the customer places an order outside of your delivery hours they will be prompted to call the restaurant directly to continue with the order.   


1 - Click on the Admin tab - look for the Restaurant Locations sections - and click on the bubble for the Location that you want to work with.


2 - Next click on the Delivery Hours link.

3 - The next screen that will appear will be the Separate Delivery Hours page.

4 - Make sure to check off Use Separate Delivery Hours check box.   If this box is NOT checked off, CaterZen will not recognize the separate hours.

5 - Here you can set the Delivery Hours of operation.   Please note the days of the week on the left side.   Note that if you are closed to check off the box on the right side.   Remember to click SAVE after making your settings.

You have now set your Delivery Hours of operation.