There are times you may wish to give an across the board discount to any/all employees from a specific company. To keep from having to remember to manually give this company a discount, CaterZen can keep up with this discount for you. This article will go over how to add a client/ company discount to a client in your CRM tab.

1 - Click on the Admin tab - look for the Global Settings Section - then click on the Client/ Company Discount bubble.

2 - Once you click on the Client/ Company Discount bubble 2 links will appear:  Create Company Discounts and View Exisitng Company Discounts.

3 - Next click on the Create Company Discounts link to create a discount for a company found in your CRM tab.

4 - Next you will see a box that will allow you type in the Company Name.   The company needs to be already in your CRM tab.   When you start typing in a drop down box will appear with company name that matches what you typed in.  You will then add the Discount you want them to receive.  Don't forget to click Save after entering in the information.

5 - You have now created a company discount for the company you selected.

6 - To view all the company discounts you have created click on the View Existing Company Discounts link.

7 - Next you will see a list of all the Company Discounts you have created.  Here you can choose to Edit or Delete a Company Discount you have created.

8 - Once a company discount has been created when under the Order Entry tab - after you select the customer/ company the company discount will automatically appear.  You will also have the option to delete out the discount if needed.

You have now created a Company Discount - Viewed or Edited the Company Discount - or seen how the Company Discount will automatically appear in the Order Entry tab.