This article will go over how to turn on your descriptive quotes.   What is the difference in a regular quote and a descriptive quote?   A regular quote will show just the menu item that has been ordered.   The descriptive quote will show the menu item that has been order and the description of the menu item that has been ordered.   Below is an example of the description that was included when creating the menu item.


Below is a video on how to create the Descriptive Quotes:


Below are step by step instructions on how to create the Descriptive Quote:


1 - Click on the Admin tab.


2 - Scroll down to the Global Settings section and click on the Order Entry Settings bubble.   Then click on the Descriptive Order/ Quote (Menu Item Description) link.   

Then click the Check Box for the Enable Descriptive Orders/Quotes.  Then you can choose if you want the description to appear in the Order/Refund Sheet - Catering Ticket - or Invoice.


3 - Then when under the Order Entry tab after creating the quote for a client you can click on the tab Create Descriptive Quote tab.

4 - A Pop Up Box will appear to make sure this what you intended to do.   Click on Ok.


5 - If you have the reminder feature turned on then the Reminder Box will appear for you to schedule the date and time of when you would like to call the prospect back to try to convert the order into an quote.


6 - You now have several links that give you options to work with the quote you have just created.


7 - Example of a Descriptive Quote:


8- Here is an example of the customer's choices being listed instead of the description.   Please note that you can NOT have both the description and the cusotmer's drop down choices listed.   It is an one or the other choice.


You have now turned on your Descriptive Quotes.