This article will show you how to create a your quote cover sheet.   If your cover sheet has already been created this article will show you how to modify the cover sheet as well.  All accounts have a standard cover sheet that is already turned on in your account.   The cover sheet is the first page the client will see when opening the PDF of the quote you have created for them.  

Please note:  If you are part of our Pro or Pro-Plus Package this will be what your quotes look like.

1. Click on the ADMIN tab.  And then under the Global Settings section click on the  QUOTES bubble and click on the Create your Quote Cover Sheet link. 

2.  This is the page that you will see next.

3.  Anything that is in Green is a Mail Merge field.   You can add Mail Merge field using the table to the left of the page.



Here are a couple of notes to remember when creating your quote cover sheet:

   A - Do not copy and paste into the quote cover sheet.   The copying and pasting will not show correctly in your CaterZen account.  So you will need to manually type in what you want the cover sheet(s) to say.

   B - Below is a screen shot of the Page Break mail merge field.  You will want to use this when you want to start a new page when creating your contract.    You will not be able to see when a new page starts with a contract.   So please make sure to add this mail merge field when you want to start with a fresh page.

    C - If you decide to not use the Page Break mail merge field, PLEASE make sure to preview your cover sheet.   Once again you will NOT be able to determine where the 1st page ends and the 2nd page begins when creating your cover sheet.  You will need Save It; Preview It; and then Modify It if changes are needed.


4.  Once you have made all the changes to your Quote Cover Sheet remember to click on Save Changes tab.

5.  Once you have saved your changes Please click on the Preview Cover Page to make sure your changes are showing correctly.

6.   A PDF will then Download and you will be able to review a sample of the quote cover sheet along with a sample order.


7.  Your Quote Cover Sheet has now been customized and will automatically be emailed with the quote to the client when a quote is created.