If you are interested in having CaterZen run your credit cards for you, there are two gateways that CaterZen is intergrated with:






Authorize.net is the gateway (can use any processor).   As of the writing of this article, Authorize.net charges $25 per month for their gateway solution.  .10 per transaction and .10 per daily batch. 

 (pricing page for Authorize.net)

Clients can get an e-commerce merchant account from any entity that provides merchant accounts (such as your bank).  Examples:  Bank of America, World Pay, Wells Fargo, Cayan to name a few.


CaterZen recommends Braintree to everyone for several reasons.  There are no minimums or statement charges and 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.  Please keep in mind that includes Amex and considering just about every catering order is with a card not present, that is a great rate.

*  IC + 0.25% + 0.30 per transaction for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover
*  IC + 0.25% + 0.30 per transaction for aggregated American Express


If you would like to speak to someone more about how to have CaterZen run your credit cards, please schedule a session at: www.BookTimeWithMeredith.com 

Once you Sign up with one of the accounts ~

If you want to learn more about Authorize.net you can email, Chase Whittaker and he will be able to help you:  cwhittak@visa.com or you can go to this page to start your application:


If you decide to sign up with BrainTree.com here is the email address and they will be able to give you more information: CaterZen@paypal.com or you can go to this page: