This article will go over how to update your billing information that is on file for your CaterZen monthly fee.   You can have your monthly fee billed to a credit card or have a monthly draft taken from your bank account.   Please note that only the admin can access this information.


*You must be logged in as the Admin to access this information


**If the message below is appearing at the top of your CaterZen site please inform your Admin immediately to prevent interruption on your account.



1. Click on the ADMIN tab and look for the ACCOUNT BILLING bubble under the Account Settings section and then click on the Edit Account Billing link.


2.  The credit card information will pull up as default. If you have a card stored, it will not show up. The credit card number is stored in our processor to keep it PCI Compliant. 


3-A.  If you need to update the card, you will need to fill out the information below. 


**Please make sure that the information you fill out matches the information that the credit card is billed to.**

3-B. If you choose not to have it withdrawn from your credit card, you can have it drafted from your checking account.

Click on the Teal tab that says Switch to Checking Account:

Below are the sections that you will need to fill out if your payment method is Checking Account. 

4.  Do not forget to press the Save This Information button after filling out the information.


5.  Your CaterZen monthly billing fee information has now been updated.   If you have an outstanding monthly or variable fee once you press Save This Information the system will automatically try to process your outstanding balance.   You will receive a message at the top of the page letting you know that your information has been saved AND if any payments were processed.


Message if your payment has gone through




Message if your payment has NOT gone through