This article will show you to change the PDF password that you use to view clients full credit card numbers.  

Please note that only the Admin of the account can change the PDF password.  

Also please note that we can not view the password here at CaterZen.   We can only 

reset the password for the Admin.   If the password is lost the Admin will need to reset

the password.

Please note that the Admin will get an email every 90 days reminding them to change 

the PDF password.

1. Click on the ADMIN tab and then click on the Edit Credit Card PDF Password 

Bubble.  If you have one location then you will click on the GLOBAL SETTINGS for 

Credit Card PDF Password.   If you have more then one location you can choose to 

have a global password for all locations or a separate password for each location.  

To create a separate password click on the location name to create the password.

2. Then you can reset your password.   The password will need to be changed every 90 days.

3. Then click on Save This Information