This article will show how to open an existing order, make changes to the order and then save the changes to the order.

1. Click on the Overview tab and locate the order that you are needing to edit.  Once you have located the order click on the Order Id Number link.

2. Once you click on the link the order details page will appear.   In the drop down box called Ticket Functions look for the Open For Editing option.

3.  Click the button called Proceed With Editing Order #XXX.

4. Next the Order Entry tab will appear with the order that was placed.   Here you can add menu items, change quantities, change the date or time, etc.

5. Once you are done editing the order you will click on the Save Changes to this Order button.  This is at the bottom of the page.

6.  Once changes have been saved there are 4 choices on how to adjust the invoices.   Please read each choice carefully.   Most of our clients do choose the last choice.   An explanation of choice is listed below:

     1 - I want to delete all existing invoices and create a brand new invoice reflecting my changes - you can choose this option if you have not already given your client their invoice.   This will delete the old invoice and give the client a new invoice with a new invoice number.

     2 - I want to do nothing with the existing invoice. - you can choose this invoice if you are not wanting to save the new invoices reflecting the changes you made.   This will not affect the order.   The order will still show the changes you made.

    3 - I want to leave the existing invoices as they are and create a brand new invoice for the difference ($xx.xx) - you can choose this option if you are wanting to keep the old invoice and the new invoice in your accounting tab.   This will allow the customer to see the difference in the two invoices.

    4 - I want to adjust the total due on this invoice to reflect the difference of $xx.xx - this option is the option that most clients choose.   This option will allow you keep the same invoice number you originally gave your client but adjust the total to show the changes.

7. Once you have selected an option the system will double check and make sure this is what you intended to do.   If all is correct please click OK.

8.  Now your order has been changed and the new invoice has been saved.   You will be brought back to the Order Details Page to review your order.