The Tablet Production Report is a hybrid of the Food Prep Report and the Kitchen Production Report. As opposed to using paper to print these reports, you can use a tablet (Android Tablet or iPad) in one or more stations in your kitchen. We recommend attaching a rubber tipped stylus to each tablet to keep dirt and grease off the screen.

At the beginning of the day, your crew will log into CaterZen via the tablet's web browser and pull up the Tablet Production Report.

To get to this report, click on the MORE tab, and select REPORTS

Once on that screen, select Tablet Production Report at the bottom right of the page.


Once you are in that section, you can choose to pull up the report by Category or Prep Station. You can only pull up the report for a single day. The resulting report below allows you to click to expand and contract sections and mark off items as they are prepped. This will change the color from yellow (meaning to be prepped) to green (meaning it has been prepped).

Besides the savings in paper and time printing reports, the biggest benefit is the kitchen being alerted to new orders throughout the day. If your crew pulls up their Tablet Production Report at the beginning of the day and it shows two orders, any new orders inputted into the system will automatically appear in red; alerting them to a new order. The totals for the day will automatically be updated as well. See pics below: