This article will go over how to manual process a payment for an order when you have the setting for Pre-Authorization configured.

Example:  Your setting is set to Pre-Authorize credit cards the day before the order for 10% of the order.   After you have the date of the order the customer gave your team a $100 tip.   This article will go over how you can add the tip - charge the credit card for the tip - and settle the transaction.

1 - Click on the Accounting tab

2 - Click on the Invoices / Catering Ticket link

3 - Locate the order and then find the Tip column and add the Tip.  Be sure to click the ENTER on your keyboard to save the tip

4 - Click on the Create/Edit Payments/ Refunds tab

5 - Click on the Create A New Payment/Deposit tab

6 - Fill in the information for payment.   Make sure the box to process the credit card is checked off

7 - Click Save This Payment tab

8 - You will then see if the payment has been approved 

9 - You will then need to MANUALLY settle the card.   Note that even if you have the setting to automatically settle cards since the pre-authorization date has passed you will need to manually settle the card.

10 - Your Pre-Authorized card will appear in Teal.   Click on the Teal payment tab.

11 - You will then click on the Show Transaction Details tab.

12 - Then click the Settle Now tab

13 - All transactions under the view payments tab will show as settled now.

You have now manually settled the transaction.